Hiermit lädt das ‚kollektiv stadtsucht‘ herzlich zur 24h ideas forward competition ein.

Die Plattform www.if-ideasforward.com veranstaltet in regelmäßigen Abständen 24 Stunden Wettbewerbe, quasi Stehgreifentwürfe, die innerhalb eines Tages erstellt werden. Das Thema diesmal ist grob gesagt der Mond. Der Auslober sagt: “A few years ago only a fool would dare to think of space exploration. We could limit ourselves to contemplate it from the earth, look up, and dreaming. The truth is that this madness is close to cross the border into a reality ever closer. The conquest of space has always been in the human horizon, is in our nature, this need for discovery the unknown, the search for answers or just adventure. This endless search for the correct answer will always incomplete and unfinished full of doubts and uncertainties.” Der konkrete Plan wird erst am Wettbewerbstag ausgegeben.

Let’s build utopia!

Euer kollektiv stadtsucht

Link zur Competition FB Event